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  • Dear Subscribers:Market halted its decline today and reversed its losses as it reached a short term oversold condition for the third time in just a few weeks. The 150 day moving average served as support in the Nasdaq Composite. There is a change of character. As the market trended higher and things were going well, we saw the market reach overbought conditions and remain in the higher ranges of its oscillator. Oversold conditions were quickly bought.Now we have become short term oversold a few times and the bounce have been weak and short lived. The weakness in the market has ...
  • Dear Subscribers:We are seeing some positive developments today.The S&P 500 has bounced from short term oversold conditions (as it should if it really is in an uptrend) and it has now broken to the upside the short term downtrend that has halted rally attempts as of late.This is a positive and it could be the start of new up stage for the markets.It would be ideal to see the market close near the highs of today and with accumulation, that is, high volume that hints that institutional investors are behind the move. A negative is that indices such as the ...
  • Dear Subscribers:Today the market is bouncing from the oversold conditions we mentioned on yesterday's update.Most major US indices hit their lower bollinger band at 2 standard deviations and their RSI marked short term oversold readings. We are also seeing a positive divergence here.In an uptrend we can expect a reflexive bounce from conditions like this.However we are facing resistance once again here in the S&P 500 and in the Nasdaq Composite, the 50 day moving average. Macro data gave a hand today with a very positive reading in the Unemployment Claims which has reached its lowest level since February of ...
  • Dear Subscribers:The market has continued to move lower after Friday's selloff.As we warned on Monday, we could be entering a pullback-corrective period in stocks.Yesterday's selloff was pretty potent and logged additional distribution days on the major indices. This is big money getting out of stocks and can move the market downward in a significant and prolonged way.The uptrend that started back in June 29th is now under pressure. The Russell 2000 continues to underperform. Remember that we want to see strength and outperformance in the Russell 2000 or Nasdaq Composite for the bullish trend to resume.Today we reached some short ...


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